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It Probably Won't Work Out...

...And, it probably shouldn't.

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Gotcha, Suckler!

There is a story that accompanies this, but who needs it?

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As long as you keep buying into it...

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I Don't Know What to Call This.

I'm sorry. I didn't take very much time adding color to this. It could be a lot better. It's an old drawing-- seemed appropriate for this blog.

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Mother Nature

This probably isn't sick and perverted enough to be on this blog, but it has boobies, so I'll just play it safe.

Also, this is in no way meant to be demeaning. It was truly a labor of love. It's about abundance.

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She Seems Like a Nice Girl...

...Um, the strong, silent type.

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Babs' Slabs

I believe I got the anatomy right in my drawing. That's my belief.


With this image, I am avenged. Woe unto he who doth toss forth the gauntlet before me!

NEW STATEMENT: Obviously stillbirth is, without question, terrible. It's tragic that an event which should be one of life’s most wonderful, momentous milestones can be ruined, and that a new life can be denied the chance to even begin. I've seen firsthand what it can do to a couple, and it is truly devastating.

I'm sorry that so many anonymous people feel offended by this drawing. Let's just set aside for the moment that most of these anonymous commenters probably found their way here by doing A GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH OF THE WORD "STILLBORN," which I find rather ghoulish, especially for such obviously sensitive souls. I'm sure they have their good and proper reasons for wanting to see such imagery... But, I've digressed... I never intended this drawing to be a joke about stillbirth, per se. I was actually ridiculing a friend of mine for a pathetic trick that he played on me.

"Stillborn" doesn't refer only to babies dead at birth. It also means "Ineffectual from the beginning; abortive; fruitless." I felt that my friend's idea of a joke (which was a drawing of me sitting on the toilet-- that he commissioned someone else to draw because he couldn't do it himself--that he posted in the restroom at work) was so lame that retaliation was actually incumbent of me. So, following his lead, I did a drawing of my own-- the one you see here. It's an allegorical illustration of his ineffectual, abortive, and fruitless prank--one that he couldn't even pull off without the aid of some inept midwife--doubly pathetic!

I considered changing the title of this post so that I would no longer be plagued by personal attacks from strangers, but would that actually be the right thing to do? The image would still exist. My intention would not have changed. The term "Stillborn" would continue to be the most appropriate title for the work. So, capitulating seems to me to be the wrong thing to do. If, after reading this, people continue to be so offended by what I've done here that they feel the need to attack me personally, then so be it. I've made my intentions clear. If I have done something that is in poor taste, well, you were warned upon entering the blog that it's a god-awful hellhole not fit for the likes of any civilized person. So, be on your way!